Tips on Creating a Stand-Out Deal Sheet

Update Your Deal Sheet If Recently Furloughed or Laid Off Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are unfortunately facing a furlough or layoff and are on the leasing or sales side of the commercial real estate business, consider the following FAQs to help you update your Deal Sheet:

Q: Is a Deal Sheet necessary?

A: YES! A Deal Sheet quantifies the kind of deal-maker you are and the transaction volume you have handled as well as provides color beyond your resume.

Q: How long should a Deal Sheet be?

A: Unlike a resume, longer is better for a Deal Sheet. Try to list as many deals as you can, going back as far as you can, with as much detail as you can remember and are authorized to share. Be certain to leave off anything that may be confidential.

Q: What is the Best Format for a Deal Sheet?

A: While a Deal Sheet can be produced in Word, I prefer Excel. If you need a template as a starting point, contact Poline Associates, and we’ll happily provide one.

Q: Can I just list the Tenants I’ve worked with?

I don’t think this is very helpful. Listing specific transactions grouped by year is the most effective way of highlighting your deal-making experience.

Q: Do you have any other tips on Deal Sheets?

To make your Deal Sheet stand out, add a column explaining how you sourced the deal (if possible). Thanks to Beth Azor for this idea.