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What we do

Poline Associates aligns the world’s leading shopping center owners, developers, and retailers with remarkable talent. Our clients trust us to bring them only the most capable candidates, whatever the position. With a wealth of industry insight, a deep pool of relationships, and a track record of success that spans 40 years, Poline Associates is the shopping center industry’s recruiting partner of choice.

Why we’re good


There is a good chance the talent you need is not actively looking for a new job. Poline Associates reaches off-market candidates to find the perfect fit. We are also proud to partner with Project REAP, an organization that has created one of the most successful diversity initiatives in the industry.


We are a candidate’s first impression of your company—a responsibility we take seriously. We function as an extension of your team and act as your partner to bridge the gap.


Our focus on the shopping center industry gives us an intuitive understanding of which candidates are likely to succeed in your unique role. As specialists, we execute your search quickly and efficiently.


Poline Associates maintains a database of nearly 70,000 shopping center professionals. The quantity and quality of our network help us find that right candidate for your specific needs.

How we do it better

At Poline Associates, we succeed because we put forth the effort to understand both our clients and our candidates, all while proceeding with the utmost discretion. While your team works to fulfill today’s mission, we work just as hard to ensure you have the right talent to keep fulfilling it for years to come.

We bridge a company’s…

Role-specific requirements
Critical success factors

With candidates’…

Career objectives
Record of achievement

How we partner

Our experience has shown that there is no single best approach that works for all talent-seeking companies. We operate under several recruiting partnership models to meet each client’s timeline and priorities. Our goal is to forge long-term partnerships with our clients by intimately understanding their needs and delivering value to their firm.

Modified Retainer

Designed for the highest priority searches, this model offers a win-win partnership for both parties. In return for an upfront retainer, we reduce our typical contingency-based fee percentage.

Exclusive Contingency

Under this model, clients pay only for a successful placement. In exchange for an agreement that we will be the only search firm engaged for a specified period of time, we prioritize these searches above non-exclusive ones.

Non-Exclusive Contingency

We are happy to work on placements alongside other search firms on a non-exclusive basis. Although we make every effort to fill all positions, we necessarily prioritize other searches above those performed under a non-exclusive contingency arrangement.

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