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Project REAP: A Call to Action for Diversity

Project REAP has been helping the commercial real estate industry promote diversity for 20+ years, but their work is more important today than ever.

Recruiter Role in Diversity and Inclusion

Recruiters play an important role in ensuring diversity & inclusion in the commercial real estate industry, an industry that's long struggled with lack of diversity.

Resume Advice
How to Improve Your Resume Bullet Points

Resume bullet points are important. Avoid only listing your job responsibilities. Instead, effectively convey your skills by using the structure provided in this blog.

Poline Associates is an international executive search firm specializing in the shopping center industry.

We serve property owners, developers, retailers and service providers who are seeking remarkable talent and work to align them with candidates who are eager for new growth opportunities.  Since 1979, our team has been connecting companies and candidates with a commitment to integrity and client satisfaction—making us the industry’s most trusted leader in recruitment.

We believe that the shopping center industry should reflect the myriad of consumers it serves and that the best results are delivered when decision making includes input from an array of professionals with different perspectives. We are committed to advancing Diversity & Inclusion in our industry by putting words into action and partnering with organizations such as Project REAP and ICSC’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group. Learn more.